​Serving central Arkansas for over 40 years!


Aesthetic trimming -  These before and after photos show evidence of aesthetic trimming. This is trimming done to showcase a view, or remove limbs restricting a view.  Our talented, detail-oriented arborists have an eye for bringing out the natural beauty of your property.

Hazardous and complicated removals -  We specialize in the removal of hazardous and complicated trees. 

Storm damage clean up - With our team of experts, and cutting-edge equipment, we can safely remove tree debris from your home and yard.

Stump grinding - Don't try all the frustrating do-it-yourself methods for removing stumps. Very few work.  Call us to grind your stumps and roots below ground level.

Crane assisted tree removal -Removing a tree from between two houses with our crane.  Do you have a tree that's hard to get to?  Not a problem with James Tree Service!

Services we offer...

  • Crane Assisted Tree Removals
  • Hazardous and Complicated Tree Removals
  • Storm Damage Removals
  • Land Clearing  (Trackhoe and Dozer  Work)
  • Complete Tree Removals
  • Aesthetic Trimming
  • Canopy Raising  & Roof Clearance
  • Selective Tree Limb Removal for Sunlight
  • Deadwooding
  • Stump Grinding
  • Root Fertilization (Growth Stimulation)
  • Personal Consultation on Tree Problems


Land clearing - We have all the equipment to meet your land clearing needs.

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